Talented team

Not only are we skilled designers, developers and project managers – we’re also part of your team.We get our kicks from getting to the heart of your business. We find out what makes you tick and reflect that in your branding, design and marketing. But mainly, we love being your go-to people.

Committed creativity

For your customers, a beautiful design is only half of the story. Your brand, marketing campaign or website needs to work hard for your business. We’re the people who add that nugget of clever creativity to your marketing and that dollop of technical wizardry to your website.

Superb support

The reason our reputation grows with each recommendation is because we focus on helping you to achieve results.

We’re the friendly voice at the end of the phone, the brains that help build your brand and your guide through the competitive world of business marketing. You’re looking at a team that always go the extra mile because we love our work.

Why choose Teor LTD?
  • We’re passionate about service and quality for our customers
  • We ensure our work is original, creative and innovative
  • We take time to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs
  • We are an experienced, knowledgeable team always happy to help
  • We invest in tools and processes that ensure projects go smoothly
Software and Codes

Teor LTD using more than 20’s different custom software for your business on web. Examples software mostly Joomla,WP,Drupal,Moodle,Mura and Concrete5 also we design custom php codes and HTML5. Active server pages on Microsoft Azure series on your business.License and copyrights on some softwares.