Website Goal

There may be several reasons why you decide to redesign your site. Perhaps it is looking outdated or you need to improve your conversions. We focused on these 5 goals:


  • Set us apart from our competitors
    We needed to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by honing our unique value proposition (UVP). We needed to tell our main user persona the problem we were addressing and how our solution was better than the alternatives.
  • Site Must Reflect who we are
    We pride ourselves on being different but are website did not reflect our uniqueness.
  • Maintain our search engine ranking
    We are in the first position for our main keyword and fall in the top third position for our secondary keywords. It was vital that we keep this search engine ranking position so that we did not lose web visits.
  • Increase leads and conversions
    We wanted to increase leads by boosting our marketing content. We needed navigation so that our users could easily access our survey examples, guides and articles. By focusing on content that showed us as an industry thought leader we would boost web traffic, user engagement, and search engine ranking for our secondary keywords.To increase conversions we needed to incorporate a single call-to-action that encouraged visitors to signup for our 14-day free trial.
  • Make the site responsive
    We recognized that a growing portion of our target audience was using mobile devices. As part of our effort to increase leads, we decided to make our site mobile responsive. We used bootstrap technology which uses HTML5 and CSS3 to tailor content to fit output devices without having to change the content itself.